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Out of the Cold with Stompin’ Tom »

It was a March evening at the Out of the Cold men’s shelter at Grace Presbyterian Church. The guys were just


4 Reasons Why I Hope Amalgamation Never Happens (Again) in Saint John »

Amalgamation of Saint John, Quispamsis, Rothesay, and Grand Bay-Westfield (itself an amalgamation as evidenced by the hyphen) is a bad idea but it


A soundtrack for city living »

Over the past few weeks, people have been complaining about the excessive noise coming from the metal recycling facility on the West Side.


Webcams Make Public Spaces Permanently Public »

Webcams should be posted in public places where valuable community assets exist, where public safety is a concern, and where events that matter

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Let’s Charge a Waste Management Fee to Distributors of Unsolicited Garbage »

It’s yellowpages garbage spreading day in our neighbourhood! Today the delivery dudes walked down our street and threw (yes threw) big hunks of